With The Coach Code Podcast, you can learn the skills and techniques necessary in becoming a top-notch professional.

Hosted by one of the most sought-after real estate coaches, John Kitchens will show how to take your business up a notch with his game-changing tactics. Expect each episode filled with expert knowledge as he shares stories with experts who've already mastered these tools so that you too may unlock your full potential for success as agents.

Whether new or experienced - this podcast is sure to not only change lives but also make them better than ever before.



John Kitchens is the most sought-after business growth and leadership development coach for real estate agents that want to build a business. John helps people become the best versions of themselves. He helps clients turn their real estate practice into a business which allows them to have an actionable plan to escape being a production agent and become the CEO and leader of their business.

Breaking apart goals into actionable systems and processes is what defines him. Whether it’s an Ironman finish, creating an organizational structure, or self-leadership principles through his consistency, daily disciplines, and habits, he helps identify and focus on the details that are vital and will lead to success and make big things happen.

With over 14,000 coaching calls, his experience and broad perspective in all of the business dynamics allow him to bring clarity no other coach can.

Today, John is a father of four who is constantly traveling to speak and create an impact to change people’s lives. He also leads his own team and has created structured coaching programs to xXelerate your business and xXelerate your life.

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